Public School Districts

Lassen County

Listed below are all of the active public school districts found in Lassen County.

Big Valley Joint Unified

400 Bridge Street
Bieber CA, 96009-0157

Fort Sage Unified

100 DS Hall Street
Herlong CA, 96113-0035

Janesville Union Elementary

464-555 Main Street
Janesville CA, 96114-0280

Johnstonville Elementary

704-795 Bangham Lane
Susanville CA, 96130-7716

Lassen County Office of Education

472-013 Johnstonville Road, North
Susanville CA, 96130-8752

Lassen ROP

472-013 Johnstonville Rd, North
Susanville CA, 96130

Lassen Union High

1000 Main Street
Susanville CA, 96130-4409

Ravendale-Termo Elementary

709-855 Termo-Grasshopper Road
Termo CA, 96132-7126

Richmond Elementary

700-585 Richmond Road, East
Susanville CA, 96130-5026

Shaffer Union Elementary

722-055 Highway 395 North
Litchfield CA, 96117-0320

Susanville Elementary

109 South Gilman Street
Susanville CA, 96130-4150

Westwood Unified

Fourth and Greenwood Streets
Westwood CA, 96137-1225

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