Public School Districts

Merced County

Listed below are all of the active public school districts found in Merced County.

Atwater Elementary

1401 Broadway Avenue
Atwater CA, 95301-3546

Ballico-Cressey Elementary

11818 West Gregg Street
Ballico CA, 95303-0049

Delhi Unified

9716 Hinton Avenue
Delhi CA, 95315-9455

Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint Unified

2041 Almond Street
Dos Palos CA, 93620-2303

El Nido Elementary

161 East El Nido Road
El Nido CA, 95317-9762

Gustine Unified

1500 Meredith Avenue
Gustine CA, 95322-1127

Hilmar Unified

7807 North Lander Avenue
Hilmar CA, 95324-9398

Le Grand Union Elementary

13071 East Le Grand Road
Le Grand CA, 95333-0027

Le Grand Union High

12961 East Le Grand Road
Le Grand CA, 95333-9737

Livingston Union

922 B Street
Livingston CA, 95334-1198

Los Banos Unified

1717 South 11th Street
Los Banos CA, 93635-4800

McSwain Union Elementary

926 Scott Road
Merced CA, 95341-8893

Merced City Elementary

444 West 23rd Street
Merced CA, 95340-3723

Merced County Office of Education

632 West 13th Street
Merced CA, 95341-5908

Merced County ROP

632 West 13th Street
Merced CA, 95341-5908

Merced River Union Elementary

4402 West Oakdale Road
Winton CA, 95388-9755

Merced Union High

3430 A Street
Atwater CA, 95301-5100

Plainsburg Union Elementary

3708 South Plainsburg Road
Merced CA, 95341-9557

Planada Elementary

9722 East Haskell Avenue
Planada CA, 95365-8050

Snelling-Merced Falls Union Elementary

16099 North Highway 59
Snelling CA, 95369-0189

Weaver Union

3076 East Childs Avenue
Merced CA, 95341-9583


7000 North Center Street
Winton CA, 95388-0008

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