Public School Districts

Trinity County

Listed below are all of the active public school districts found in Trinity County.

Burnt Ranch Elementary

251 Burnt Ranch School Road
Burnt Ranch CA, 95527-0039

Coffee Creek Elementary

Coffee Creek Road & Ridgewood Road
Coffee Creek CA, 96091-9503

Douglas City Elementary

100 School Road
Douglas City CA, 96024-0280

Junction City Elementary

430 Red Hill Road
Junction City CA, 96048-9765

Lewiston Elementary

685 Lewiston Road
Lewiston CA, 96052-9676

Mountain Valley Unified

231 Oak Avenue
Hayfork CA, 96041-0339

Southern Trinity Joint Unified

680 Van Duzen Road
Bridgeville CA, 95526-9511

Trinity Alps Unified

321 Victory Lane PO Box 1227
Weaverville CA, 96093

Trinity Center Elementary

1 Trinity Vista Drive
Trinity Center CA, 96091-0127

Trinity County Office of Education

201 Memorial Drive
Weaverville CA, 96093-1256

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